2018 Textron Off Road Alterra 500 Reviews

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2018 Textron Off Road Alterra 500 Reviews

2018 Textron Off Road Alterra 500 Reviews 2018 Textron off road Terra 500 4×4 Pictures, prices, information and specifications. Below you will find the information on the 2018 Textron off road Terra 500 4×4. In early 2017 Textron announced that it had bought the brand Arctic Cat. So for a little while, current model AC ATV and UTV it will go by both names. On the other hand, the bad boy offroad name has also changed in Textron.

The total size of this 700 is larger than most 1000s. It’s not too hard, it only has large, full cover body that stands out. The seat height is about one inch larger than most large drilling machines. The right side of the body leaves a lot of engine heat that you can feel on your leg. The dash is simple, but full of information such as temperatures, fuel levels, speeds, distances and more.

One-lever brakes are used on the Terra. They are very hard to manipulate pressure on. If you need to stop hard, the rear locks up then the fronts. Up to this point the front-end dives, which is not good. The motor brake is only good if you hold on to the gas inputs to keep the tension on the belt.

For a 700 engine, the Terrans do not disappoint in the Energy Department. It was fast in high and seldom needed to be moved too low when the paths become steep. The Terra chassis has very light steering and wide handlebars. You need to use a lot of body English to drive it fast. Traction is inconsistent and the back end seems to slip around more than the front, even when in 4WD. Suspension action is good at slow speed, but not when driven hard. The rear shock finds its limits far earlier than the front.

Since there is a wide range of engine and chassis sizes in the 4×4 category we are in the process of viewing a group of our favorites from each brand. The comparison will be machines directly at the $10,000 mark and not a definite shift. Shear force will have no advantage, although we feel the attention to power, low range grunts and total smooth operation paid. Each machine will be judged on usefulness and driving ability for work and play. We rated them all with the same seat of trousers feel on technical and smooth trails as well as how they are around a working ranch. In comparison, we will explain why we rated each section as we do.

2018 Textron Off Road Alterra 500 Reviews

  • MODEL TYPE Utility
  • BASE MSRP(US) $4,999.00 Free Dealer Quote
  • DEALERS Textron Off Road Dealers
  • ENGINE TYPE Single-Cylinder
  • ENGINE STROKE 4-Stroke
  • DISPLACEMENT (CC/CI) 443 / 27
  • CARBURETION TYPE Fuel Injected
  • TRANSMISSION TYPE Continuously Variable (CVT)