2018 Yamaha Raptor 700r Top Speed

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2018 Yamaha Raptor 700r Top Speed

2018 Yamaha Raptor 700r Top Speed A great driver can drive any sport ATV well, but few machines make almost every rider or riding experience better. In our 2014-in-depth review of the Raptor 700R, we have found that it is perfect for almost every adult rider with some off-road experience. The phenomenal performance and handling of the Raptor inspires the much experienced, while its driving ability gives a novice the confidence to relax.

The Raptor 700R is powered by a liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine with a four-valve, double-overhead-cam-head design. With a bore and a stroke of 102.0 x 84.0 mm it reaches its 686cc displacement. The profit of 10% of the PS last year was the result of a new single exhaust port head with a higher compression piston, which was raised from 9.2:1 to 10.0:1, in addition to a new cam profile, a newly designed exhaust system with stainless steel header and a revised fuel injection settings.

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The compression ratio is still on the conservative side for a modern sports ATV, which allows for excellent reliability and the use of cheap pumpgas, although we only burn premium or better fuel, which is the octane Falloff in Over time. Yamaha even adjusted the counterweights to prevent the engine from collecting unwanted vibrations. Needle bearing equipped rocker arms help to reduce friction. A ceramic-coated cylinder reduces friction and heat build-up, while a forged aluminum piston, connecting rod and crankshaft help reduce the interchangeable mass for faster throttle response.

The air-fuel mixture is handled by a Yamaha injection system supplied by a 44mm throttle valve. Electric start brings the Raptor to life the engine is paired with a five-speed manual gearbox with reverse gear. Pull the clutch in the first gear and turn the knob on the right front fender to move downwards. The end drive is handled by a did-X-ring chain, which makes Yamaha feel that it holds oil and dirt better than a standard O-ring chain.

What has always made this engine so brilliant is that it can be dragged around at a good pace, or twisted and ripped. Now, in our second round with the updated engine, it’s obvious that it’s both a bit better than before. The engine begins to pull immediately out of the idling, with enough torque and horsepower under half the throttle, which it easily turns its way up to the hills. The exit turns up a gear, the engine grabs life and takes up the speed with the authority when you crack the accelerator without having to slide the clutch in search of RPMs.

If you barely reach the middle class, the power supply is seamless when you enter the meat of the power band. Just get the big 700 spun a little bit; It jam corners and feels unstoppable on climbs. On the track or faster trails, the 700 quickly builds RPMs for a large single that can be updated in a hurry. Power builds up until you enter the upper end of the power band, where it gradually begins to scan. This keeps them on the rise before the speed limiter jumps in, which increases the reliability. The raptor reaches in haste 60 mph, with much acceleration left. We have never reached the top speed of 70 + mph.

The SOHC, 686cc, Yfi (Yamaha fuel injection), 44mm chokes-body-injected, big-bore engine produces about 45 horsepower at the crank. But the torque is a more important factor than PS. A lighter forged piston, connecting rod and crank shaft are light and strong. Together with the 10.0:1 compression ratio, this combination produces a strong bottom-end hit, quickly turns to 9000 rpm, and the dual-counterbalancer keep it smooth.

The race-bred, five-speed gearbox, which includes a back, is a dream for riding. The tgirl is bulletproof, and the engine torque helps to pull the quad through any sticky situation. With the reliable electric starter, you can start the Raptor 700 in any gear by pulling in the clutch, which is an adorable option if you kill the engine at a less desirable location. The maintenance of the Raptor 700 is easily possible with an easily accessible oil filter and a tool-free air filter, which saves before the next journey time.

The 2018 model features a true hybrid steel and aluminum frame and an aluminum sub-frame that provides the perfect balance between power and flex to support it in rough sections of the way. It is also only 22 pounds, heavier than his younger, more hyper brother, the YFZ450R.

Yamaha also took hints from YFZ when building the suspension. The front side offers 9.1 inches of bike and 10.1 inches of stern. Combine this with High / Low-Speed ​​Compression, kickback and pre-set front and rear shocks and provide fully adjustable ride. There is a large ground clearance of 9.5 inches and a plastic frame drive plate to protect the bottom of the engine. The Raptor is 46 inches wide, so narrow, wooded areas can easily tear. The 700R has a high center of gravity and a short wheelbase, but at the same time it has a comfortable seat and ergonomic smell. The plastic and gas reservoir comfortably operates on the knee concept, while the driving position works for aggressive driving or slow driving.

They added stylish graphics and new plastic colors for 2018. The most cost-effective version is the Raptor 700 ($ 7999) base model. The basic model “R” loses its emblem, but the only thing that has changed is shudder and appearance. The basic model offers a graphite view (black and gray) and the vibrations only provide preload adjustments similar to those of a Banshee. But it does not lose the bike traffic compared to the R-models.

The Raptor 700R comes on the Yamaha Blue / white, fully adjustable bumpers and these upgrades are sold for $ 8499. The Raptor 700R SE is the most expensive model at $ 9099 and has all the wonderful features of the R model and then some. Your friends come with a stunning metallic red, white and black color scheme that will be green with jealousy. The wheels also take a number of stickers to adjust the coloring and connect them well into the design.

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2018 Yamaha Raptor 700r Top Speed

  • Engine Type: 686cc liquid-cooled SOHC 4-stroke; 4 Valves
  • Bore x Stroke: 102.0 mm x 84.0 mm
  • Compression Ratio: 10.0:1
  • Fuel supply: Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI), 44mm
  • Ignition: TCI: transistor-controlled ignition
  • Transmission: 5 gears; Wet multiplate Clutch
  • Last ride: X-Ring chain
  • Suspension/Front: Independent double-Wishbone w/Piggyback High-/Low-Speed-Kompression, rebound and thread-
  • preload setting, 9.1-in travel
  • Suspension/rear: Cast aluminium swivel arm w/Piggyback high/low-speed compression, rebound and threaded load
  • adjustment, 10.1-in travel
  • Brakes/Front side: Double Hydraulic disk
  • Brakes/Stern: wave-like hydraulic disk
  • Tyres/Front: AT22 x 7-10 Maxxis ®
  • Tyre/Stern: AT20 x 10-9 Maxxis ®
  • L x W x H: 72.6 in X 46.5 in x 43.9 in
  • Seat height: 32.7 in
  • Wheelbase: 50.4 in
  • Maximum Ground clearance: 9.5 in
  • Fuel Capacity: 2.9 gal
  • Wet Weight: 422 lb
  • Warranty: 6 months (Limited warranty)
  • Colour: Special Edition white/Red, blue, black
  • Price: $9099… $8499… $7999