2019 Textron Havoc X Specs

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2019 Textron Havoc X Specs

2019 Textron Havoc X Specs The hardest work and playing side by side roosts in 2019 with more options in cross-performance and personalization. The Havoc X now joins the new models of havoc base and havoc Backcountry Edition of Textron Off Road, each of which mixes the class leader suspension and the distance to the soil with the maximum payload and foot-stomping glory of 100 hp and 67- Ft.-lbs. of torque. The result is a trio of all-conquering crosses ready to conquer everything from the back 40 to the Backcountry with precision performance and work-friendly reliability.

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HAVOC models address the crossover category with a class-leading double-to-arm suspension package that delivers 12.8 and 12.9 inches of front and rear suspension travel. The front and rear stabilizer bars reduce body sway and maintain smooth and predictable handling, while the 13 inches of the class’s main ground clearance is sufficient to easily clear the terrain.

When it’s time to work, HAVOC models have their extended signature booth and 24-cu.-Ft. Storage that is easily accessible and useful for most types of gears. The 600 lb capacity rear flush bed is assisted by the quick and easy storage System for fast-N-LATCH and paired bed accessories with a 2,000 lb towing capacity for maximum versatility for handling any work.

Hit the gas in chaos from side to side. With 100 horsepower with 67-ft.-lbs. Of torsion, is announced with full authority thanks to the 957cc SOHC dual-cylinder, liquid-cooled EFI engine which is designed and built by Textron Motors.

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The selectable AWD-on-demand system puts the power exactly where it is needed, while the four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes with 9-inch rotors. and double-piston pliers offer improved braking performance. A programmable speed controller allows the operator to set a top speed of 26 to 55 mph (in 1 mph increments) to ensure that HAVOC models are operated at the appropriate speed for the driver and the task.

Is it a work vehicle? A recreational vehicle? Or something else altogether? Turns out it’s all the above. Our ruthless side-by-side HAVOC features a class-leading suspension system, 100HP and 2,000 lbs of towing capacity. It is built with a work ethic and a sense of adventure, so you can create HAVOC as you want.

Textron Off Road had announced the HAVOC X just last year, but there was something missing for those who might have been on a smaller budget. A lost option but now offered by Textron is the starting point of HAVOC — or base model, if you wish — for the 2019 off-road enthusiast. This Texton Off Road HAVOC takes you on the ground floor with a machine that is full of very persuasive features. So persuasive in fact that it scratches with the 100-HP twin-cylinder motor plant found in other HAVOC models. The powerful 67 foot-pounds of torque are exciting enough to wreak havoc on the trail and not the wallet.

The suspension in the new baseline HAVOC is not too bad because the adjustable shock absorbers with a gas load shake their head to soften the strokes on the tracks. The chassis is equipped with the independent double-arm suspension at both ends, and this generally provides a balanced conveying machine. The supplied stabilizing bars also help compensate for the rotation of the chassis and contribute to the stability of HAVOC. The 13-inch distance to the effective floor and this beast allows you to get the mark bizarre without scrubbing the oriental.

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Chaos can be a sweet-looking way, but can also function as a mule when called. This HAVOC base carries an impressive 2,000-pound payload and carries a cargo with a 600-pound weight franchise to the dump bed. It would be negligent for us not to mention the valuable internal storage capacity. Dry storage space is equal to 24 cubic meters, including the industry first: the location behind the driver and the passenger seat. This will make it easier to carry these refrigerators or other essential trace elements that are difficult to reach. If we chose to add roof to the machine, did we mention that it would be included?

Textron Off Road, you and your family in the wild forests, to keep your memories forever to find out exactly what you need to do.

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2019 Textron Havoc X Specs

  • MSRP: $16,299
  • 100-hp twin-cylinder mill
  • Standard full doors
  • Heavily bolstered cut and sewn custom seating
  • 24 cubic feet of storage
  • Extended cab for gear
  • Independent front and rear suspension
  • On-demand AWD
  • Customizable speed controller
  • 2,000 lb. towing capacity