2020 Grizzly EPS SE

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2020 Grizzly EPS SE

2020 Grizzly EPS SE The Yamaha Grizzly EPS SE is the new flagship of the Yamaha ATV lineup. In addition to the rest of the grizzly family, the SE deploy the 4-inch Maxxis ‘ Zilla tires. These tires wrap around new two-tone 14-inch cast aluminum wheels. Other benefits of Yamaha Grizzly EPS SE include improved acceleration through a new 6% reduction in transmission. This also leads to less noise and quiet performance.

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The Yamaha Grizzly EPS SE 2020 joins the Grizzly EPS, Kodiak 450, Kodiak 450 EPS, Kodiak 450 EPS SE, Kodiak 700, Kodiak 700 EPS and Kodiak 700 EPS SE in Yamaha’s Utility ATV lineup for 2020. Yamaha also offers its Raptor 700, Raptor 700R SE, Raptor 90, YFZ450R, YFZ450R SE and YFZ50 for the coming model year.

Read the press release below for updates on the entire Yamaha ATV 2020 Grizzly EPS SE program led by the new Yamaha Grizzly EPS SE: Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, expands its family of Proven Off-Road Utility and Sport ATVs and offers superior Skills, comfort and confidence in a great variety of terrain and situations, allowing off-road enthusiasts to REALize their adventure.

For 2020, the Grizzly family welcomes a new Special Edition (SE) grizzly featuring exclusive 27-inch Maxxis ‘ Zilla tires and Yamaha’s award-winning engine tuned to dynamic recreational driving on the most challenging routes. Yamaha’s more utility-based ATVs include the Kodiak 700 and the Kodiak 450, while Yamaha’s sports ATV lineup again includes the Raptor 700R and YFZ450R, as well as the corresponding youth models, the Raptor 90 and YFZ50.

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“Yamaha continues to build on its Proven leisure and sports ATVs platform with more options that add value to a variety of drivers,” said Mike Martinez, vice president of ATV/SxS at ATV/SxS operations at Yamaha. “Yamaha offers the ultimate balance of comfort, confidence, and skill and offers options that meet the diverse needs of our growing community of outdoor singers and women, farmers, ranchers, and adventure off-road enthusiasts. “

The grizzly is the top dog – he, bear in Yamaha’s ATV lineup. In the 700cc class, the grizzly has earned drivers ‘ respect for reliability and longevity. For 2020 Grizzly EPS SE, Yamaha has made a few significant updates to the venerable grizzly line, which has added both sophistication and performance to top-tier models SE and LE. The most noticeable is the brand new tires installed on the new aluminum alloy wheels. Measuring 27 inches, the oversized Maxxis features Zilla with double-composite sidewalls and a wide, flake-like tread pattern that digs through loose soil and mud as expected.

Part of our test loop through the rugged French river, Ontario, wilderness took us over a swinging swamp. When the path was first planned for this adventure, it was at the end of a hot, fairly dry summer, but our event happened immediately after a series of consecutive rainstorms that put a good chunk of our track into a mud bog Turned. As the childlike idiots, we are, my colleagues and I were delighted to stop in the middle of the muck and then piss the gas to send the air mud over the unfortunate victims.

While none of the machines threatened to actually get stuck in the mud, even at worst the grizzly was remarkably effortless, yes, these tires are a welcome addition. 27-inch tires are available on some of the other manufacturers ‘ larger class quads, but this is the first we’ve seen them offered on a 700cc class machine.

The new Grizzly™ 2020 combines smooth, responsive and fast rotational power with increased mid-range and improved acceleration through a new six percent reduction in gearbox reduction. With less noise and vibration, the grizzly still offers an even sportier driving experience than ever before, thanks in part to improvements in Yamaha’s all-time best-selling, 700-class, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine.

Of course, these tires can only do their job if they are properly motivated, and Yamaha’s qualification-cooled 686 cc single manages that well. It has been around for some time in one capacity or another, and for 2020 it was massaged to supposedly generate less noise and vibration. Without having last year’s model for back-to-back testing, we need to take their word on it for both accounts.

However, the big single is a smooth and free-spinning engine that delivers a particularly pleasant middle-class kick. In a few of the spots on our test loop, we were able to open the machines a bit and the Grizz showed its readiness every time. Yamaha has also tweaked CVT transmission with a six percent reduction than before. The grizzly offers 2WD, 4WD with limited slip and 4WD with the rear differential closure.

At 320kg, the grizzly is not an easy Raptor ATV, but compared to the bulkier side-by-side units we also made the pilgrimage, the Grizzly’s relative sobriety was fun and responsive about the varied terrain we experienced. The electric power steering (EPS) was subtle enough to give even good ground feel through the beams, but it helped take any heaviness off the front as it steered through the narrow confines of the forest paths.

The grizzly can carry 50kg forward and 90kg on the rear rack and will tow down to 600kg. With this last number, it corresponds to Suzuki’s new KingQuad 750 and is slightly ahead of Kawasaki’s Brute Force 750 despite the V-Twin Season with a hot rod.

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Both Can-Am and Polaris make bigger, meaner and more serious mud animals with full-liter displacement and significantly more power, but these units weigh much more and sound in at least a few great sweethearts. Yamaha’s new Grizzly EPS SE is doing a great job of bridging the gap between affordable, machines and the wild and hazy Lita quads that add to the brand’s iconic reliability.

In addition to the above features, the Yamaha Grizzly EPS SE features a new, aggressive look, lacquered body and 14-inch 14-inch alloy wheels for increased ground clearance and wider gauge. All of the Grizzly models for 2020 Grizzly EPS SE will also receive a new line with redesigned gauge, preloaded two-inch towing receiver, Ultramatic® automatic transmission, On-Command® 2WD / 4WD and electric steering (EPS).

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The new Yamaha Grizzly EPS SE features Ridge Red and Alpine White (MSRP $ 9,899), new Realtree Edge Camo (MSRP: $ 10,299) and SE Backcountry Blue (MSRP: $ 10,499).

2020 Grizzly EPS SE

  • Engine: 708cc Single
  • Power: 48 HP
  • Wheelbase: 49.2 in.
  • Ground Clearance: 11.8 in.
  • Towing Capacity: 1322 LBS
  • MSRP: $10,499