2020 Kodiak 450 EPS

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2020 Kodiak 450 EPS

2020 Kodiak 450 EPS Of paramount importance to Yamaha engineers in developing the Kodiak 450 ATV was to launch a medium-sized ATV that would accommodate small, medium and large drivers, trust the newbie ATV enthusiast instantly and the expectations of the seasoned ATV driver. This new design had to accommodate tight conditions, as often experienced when navigating the hinterland. Just as importantly, this new ATV had to be offered at an attractive price that would fit well into the family budget. Long history, in short, these are the guidelines of the Yamaha Kodiak 450 of 2019, and they are intended to satisfy the needs of many outdoor athletes.

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With the popular Yamaha Grizzly 450, the width of the ATV track at the front was increased by 3.15 inches and at the back by 2.95 inches. The body is still compact, though, a key selling point for hunters who take their ATVs to a destination by truck bed or trailer.

The wider route allows for wider A-arms and an increased suspension ride, a design feature that improves the comfort of the low-speed driver, improves performance at medium and higher speeds and improves the ability to obstacles That can occur. The Kodiak has an independent front and rear suspension to keep the tires in touch with the ground and improve driver comfort.

The Kodiak is equipped with nitrogen-gas-charged KYB shocks, which provide a modulated damping sensation at higher speeds and in the changing terrain. They are five-track adjustable; This allows their length of ride to be adjusted to accommodate riding when the holds are loaded. The operator simply robes the pretension when necessary; Tune in to create a softer ride, vice versa for a stiff feeling. The carrying capacity of the front cargo is 88 pounds; The backpack capacity is 176 pounds.

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The water-cooled 421cc single-cylinder engine features a two-valve cylinder head and overhead camera to generate good torque in the lower to mid-range. The port speed of this intake and on exhaust valve configuration results in good airflow at low speeds, which represents a power demand (smooth, low torque) that Yamaha customer focus groups indicated they wanted. The electronically injected engine handles the stresses of low speeds by developing sufficient torque while increasing driver confidence. However, this engine is able to take the device to the next level immediately when a more challenging power is commissioned. Also new is a more friendly thumb gas, a design that every rider, beginner to advanced, will appreciate.

The Ultramatic Turk Gear (CVT) has heavier (18-gram weights) that allow the engine to operate efficiently at lower revs. Located in the primary clutch, these weights start to roll out earlier (at lower rotation) than lighter weights, which helps the engine find the sweet spot in the power curve when working with low rotating. The CVT is sealed by the elements. Should the gearbox be submerged in water, the case has a finger-operated drain plug; Just drain the water to get back on the trail. Yamaha CVT’s main selling feature is a disposable spray clutch that conveys the soothing sensation of engine braking.

With some CVTs from other manufacturers, when the top of a hill is buckled and the gas is released, the speed starts to drop, but when you start to descend the speed of the hill, the speed of the hill wheel starts to accelerate — Then begins a free-wheel-downhill experience (not desirable). To avoid this runaway sensation, the spray clutch attacks the engine again, and the engine braking begins immediately. Yamaha also contains a shoe centrifugal clutch in the CVT that alleviates trauma to the belt when the belt engagement takes place again.

The Kodiak 450 has disc brakes at the front and a sealed wet brake in the rear. The feedback braking is done on a disc in front of the rear gear, which is part of the drive assembly. The entire assembly is sealed to remain impervious to mud, water, and dirt. It’s supposed to last the life of the machine. The only maintenance required is drainage and replacement of the oil in the sealed wet brake at scheduled maintenance intervals.

The underbelly has a full-body armor with a sleep-wide and chassis-long composite springboard. The armor has a smooth surface on which the fasteners they attach to the chassis are let in to prevent the ground hazards from decaying. The service access holes in the sling board offer drainage options for engine and front and rear gearbox.

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Yamaha’s electric power steering (EPS) is specifically designed for the Kodiak 450 EPS and EPS SE models to maintain a balance between negative and positive feedback. At a lower speed, the EPS offers more support (less effort). As speeds rise, the amount of assist drops, so the driver feels what happens to the wheels and tires. When a trail obstacle is encountered, the EPS dampens the possible Rasching, which would otherwise be transferred back to the operator by the handlebars.

Digital hour technology includes a meter (speed, ride, hour, fuel and maintenance end) with a service indicator that can be reset by the customer. The Kodiak uses 12-inch wheels with 25-inch tires. Yamaha accessories include a winch and a cannon boot.

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2020 Kodiak 450 EPS

  • Drivetrain: 421cc fuel-injected liquid cooled SOHC four-stroke boot skinning engine; Ultramatic V-belt CVT w/all-wheel drive engine braking; More occurring electable 4WD
  • Brakes: Double hydraulic disc front; Decreased multi-disc moisture rear
  • Suspension: Independent double wishbone front; 6.7 “/7.4 ” Travel front/rear
  • Dimension/m capacities: Total length 80.1 “; Wheelbase 48.8 “; Width 46.5 “; Height 45.7 “; Ground clearance 9.6 “; Wet weight 637 kg; Tow cap. 1,322 lbs.; Cargo cap. 88 pounds front, 176 pounds at the back; Fuel 3.7 Gals.
  • MSRP: $5,999-$ 6299