2020 Raptor 700R

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2020 Raptor 700R

2020 Raptor 700R Have you ever before listened to the expression, “Legends never ever pass away”? Well, that has actually been Yamaha’s sport quad mantra for several years. Back in the 1990s they really did not allow the Blaster, Poltergeist or Warrior come under the depths of anguish like Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki performed with their sporting activity quads. That was a tough time for sport quads. Despite the fact that huge sales numbers weren’t there, Yamaha proceeded building them for the masses.

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That is still the case. 2020 Raptor 700R is building the only straight-axle, 2WD efficiency quads with the Raptor 700 and also YFZ450R. Not a whole lot has transformed over the past couple of years design-wise besides some wicked-looking color pattern, but there’s an additional expression that comes to mind: “If it ain’t broke, do not repair it!”

The SOHC, 686cc, YFI (Yamaha Fuel Shot), 44mm throttle-body-injected, the big-bore engine creates approximately 45 horsepower to the crank. But, the torque is a more important factor than horsepower. A lightweight forged piston, connecting pole, and also crankshaft are light and solid. Along with its 10.0:1 compression ratio, this mix creates a strong bottom-end hit, revs rapidly to 9000 rpm, as well as the double counterbalancers keep it smooth.

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The race-bred, five-speed transmission, that includes a reverse, is a desire to ride with. The tranny is bulletproof, and also the torque from the engine helps pull the quad through any sticky situation. With the reliable electric starter, you can start the Raptor 700 in any type of gear by pulling in the clutch, which is an adorable choice if you kill the engine in a less-than-desirable place. Servicing the Raptor 700 is quickly made with an easy-to-reach oil filter as well as a tool-free air filter that will certainly conserve time before the following ride.

The 2020 design has true crossbreed steel and also lightweight aluminum frame and lightweight aluminum sub-frame that give the best equilibrium of stamina and also flex to aid it in harsh areas of the trail. It’s also only 22 extra pounds, much heavier than its more youthful, much more active sibling, the YFZ450R.

2020 Raptor 700R additionally took hints from the YFZ when building the suspension. It supplies 9.1 inches of wheel travel in the front and 10.1 inches in the rear. Combine that with the high-/ low-speed compression, rebound and also preload-adjustable front and back shocks, and also it produces a fully tunable ride. There is ample ground clearance at 9.5 inches and also a plastic framework skid plate to maintain the all-time low of the engine protected. The Raptor is 46 inches large, making it able to tear through tight, wooded locations effortlessly. The 700R does have a high center of mass as well as a short wheelbase, yet it also has a comfy seat and also ergonomic cockpit. The plastic, as well as gas tank, are comfortable to knee-grip, while the riding position helps aggressive riding or leisurely trail riding.

For 2020 they included trendy graphics and brand-new plastic colors. One of the most cost-friendly variations is the base-model Raptor 700 ($7999). The base model sheds the “R” insignia, but the only points that change are the shocks and looks. The base design supplies a graphite look (black and grey), and the shocks only use preload adjustment, just like the shocks from a Poltergeist. However, it doesn’t lose any kind of wheel traveling compared to the R versions.

The Raptor 700R is available in Group Yamaha Blue/White, has the fully adjustable shocks as well as, with those upgrades, retails for $8499. The Raptor 700R SE is one of the most pricey design at $9099 and also has all the wonderful functions of the R-model and then some. It comes with a showy metal red, white and black color scheme that will have your pals green with envy. The wheels also obtain some stickers to match the color pattern as well as tie into the design quite possibly.

We had our possibility to test our 2020 Raptor 700R in the Team Yamaha Blue as well as White design. All of our examination bikers concurred that this is among the best color pattern we have actually seen come out of the Yamaha stables. It has a very clean and also crisp look, however, has the savage designing to scare any kind of rival out of their rubber boots.

The Raptor is an outstanding trail maker, plain and straightforward. Unlike a 450 design where we would be moving in and also out of gears all day long on tight tracks, the 700R is conveniently carried around in a lot of gears, as well as with the brief wheelbase, it rails even more of the treacherous routes with poise and also style. One more factor we provide it an A+ on the gearing is for the pure reality of having a reverse gear. When needing to reverse on a trail with a cliff on either side, it was nice not needing to leave the device as well as lift.

We discovered ourselves utilizing 2nd as well as third equipment in the majority of circumstances. Do not obtain it twisted, though, the Raptor 700R huge birthed’s broad powerband enables it to soar via the gears swiftly with an effective explosion. Although we really did not reach check this beast in the dunes for our first test, it’s one of our favorite equipment to tear via the soft surface on. The fuel injection made it simple to go across the high elevations without a hiccup. Despite the equipment you’re in, a stab of the throttle awakens the beast, and the powerful sensation is stimulating and addictive.

With the short wheelbase and huge torque, the Raptor makes it easy to draw the front wind up, as well as in some cases it’ll occur when you’re not attempting to do so. Having that kind of low-end grunt made it easier to ride through rough areas, like whoops as well as rainfall ruts, leaving us much less exhausted than riding a 450cc sporting activity quad. Nevertheless, in the very same sense, we did desire the Raptor 700R was a bit longer for those awful whoop areas. This is where a 450cc sporting activity quad like the Yamaha YFZ450R would be comfier.

We discovered that the stock Raptor had a bit of dead feeling in the suspension. After quickening the front shock rebound by 2 clicks, this awakened its sleeping legs and made it a much more certain maker on water bars and also rock areas. Being that the Raptor has a higher center of gravity many thanks to that high engine, we did feel a lot more comfortable by applying even more body language in corners as well as tricky off-camber areas. At the rate, the Raptor zipped via the winding trails with improvement, yet at reduced speed, it lumbered a little bit as well as took even more clutch actuation, throttle and ability to transform it 180 levels.

The supply Maxxis 22-inch front, as well as 20-inch back tires, aided the large birthed gain traction as well as offer much less rolling resistance over big obstacles. The 700R has enough ground clearance, which removed a lot of the famous rocks we ran into. The twin-piston hydraulic brakes function exceptionally well to tame the speed. We were thrilled with the braking when establishing for corner rate where the huge Raptor would aim and shoot anywhere we wanted to choose explosiveness.

Another trail-worthy high quality of the Raptor is the performance of its engine braking. The huge crank, as well as engine compression, helps it sluggish to a crawl when we would certainly let off the throttle, which implied less braking on downhills and tight corners. It does not pass away conveniently when you get close to still, either. The majority of the time we could have the really little throttle in initial or second gear and also simply putt along, all the while enjoying the awesome surroundings around us. The seat is ultra comfortable and provided a great deal of grip to our riding trousers.

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With the wet weight of the Raptor 700R at 422 pounds, it loves to rise over jumps. The suspension handles the landings with a plushness and also preciseness of a built desert quad, which had us scoping out different jumps to examine the huge bore on. We applaud 2020 Raptor 700R for remaining to produce the only 2 manufacturing sport quad designs in the ever-shrinking market. It feels like it’s dismal, yet Yamaha has gone through this before with the altering of the times and also always appeared in advance of the competitors.

The Raptor 700 continues to be the king of the sport quad jungle when it pertains to reliability as well as engine prominence. It’s not surprising that it constantly stays on our top-five-favorite sport quad checklist. The power is obvious, the handling is equivalent to the 450 as well as the enjoyable element is unlike any type of various other.

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2020 Raptor 700R

  • Engine Liquid-cooled, SOHC 4-stroke; 4 valves
  • Displacement 686cc
  • Fuel system YFI (Yamaha Fuel Injection)
  • Fuel capacity of 2.9 gals.
  • Starting system Electric
  • Transmission Five-speed w/ reverse
  • Final drive X-ring chain
  • Suspension/wheel travel:
  • Front Independent double wishbone w/ piggyback high-/low-speed compression, rebound, and threaded preload adjustment/9.1″
  • Rear Cast-aluminum swingarm w/piggyback high/low-speed compression, rebound, and threaded preload adjustment/10.1″
  • Front Maxxis 22×7-10
  • Rear Maxxis 20×10-9
  • Front Dual hydraulic discs
  • Rear Hydraulic disc
  • Wheelbase 50.4″
  • Seat height 32.7″
  • Length/width/height 72.6″/45.5″/43.9″
  • Ground clearance 9.5
  • Wet weight 422 lb.
  • Colors Team Yamaha blue/white
  • MSRP Starting at $8499