2022 Polaris RZR: Most Powerful Polaris RZR Model Expert Review

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2022 Polaris RZR The Polaris RZR Pro R 2022 family of pure sports side by side sits at the top of the list in terms of performance, cost, technology, size, and power. This is the culmination of everything Polaris has learned in the Powersports industry so far.

Polaris engineers built a vehicle that offered 225 hp, up to 24.5 inches of wheel travel, 74 inches of track width, a list of technical parts that would turn this buyer’s guide into an engineer’s wet dream, and covered it with a typical manufacturer’s warranty.

There are eight trim levels on offer for the first year of the RZR Pro R, including a special Launch Edition. We’ll break it down below highlighting the important ones.

While the Pro R is loosely based on the previous Pro XP engine, the platform is all-new for 2022 so read on for the good stuff.

2022 Polaris RZR Review

Earlier in September, Polaris introduced a limited edition version of the 2022 general. For this special edition, the company partnered with renowned sporting goods brand design Troy Lee.

2022 Polaris RZR

Minnesota-based Polaris is now taking the side-by-side performance segment to the next level with the introduction of the Polaris RZR Pro R and RZR Turbo R 2022.

The latest offerings are two of the most capable and advanced side-by-side vehicles Polaris has ever produced.

The next-generation RZR Pro R and RZR Turbo R get a plethora of upgrades that offer more power, control and power. Both platforms will be available in two- and four-seat configurations.

The all-new Polaris RZR Pro R is powered by a 2-liter ProStar Fury four-cylinder engine that produces a maximum power of 225 HP and a peak torque of 152 lb-ft.

The engine features a unique intake manifold, lightweight crankshaft and higher compression pistons to run 91 octane fuel. This is the most powerful motorcycle ever mounted side by side from the factory.

On the other hand, the RZR Turbo R is powered by a liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder turbocharged four-stroke engine that produces 181 horsepower.

The power is channeled in an almost instantaneous manner thanks to a larger clutch and belt. Side by side also gets Dual Path Clutch Cooling which increases belt life.

Polaris also uses a new torque limiter to ensure power surges don’t damage the front drive. The driver can choose between three different throttle control modes, which include Sport, Rock and Race.

The new models also get a one-piece chassis mated to a fully welded 2-inch diameter roll cage.

Additionally, thanks to the large box steel A-arm, reinforced unit hub, and enhanced knuckle and drive shaft, the next-generation RZR Pro R and Turbo R are also two of the strongest side-by-side products on sale today.

2022 Polaris RZR Pro R Update

I’ll be honest in saying that I don’t have the most experience driving high-powered UTVs.

The most powerful I’ve tested is the 2021 Can-Am Commander Max XT, which is a lot of fun at 100 horsepower, don’t get me wrong. Anything north is wild to me, and that’s what caught my eye about the 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R.

It makes 225 hp thanks to a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine borrowed from the Slingshot, making it the most powerful production side by side.

If you’re only experienced in cars, that might not sound like a ton, but you have to take the context into account. Polaris says the RZR Pro R weighs 2,086 pounds, which is about 1,000 pounds lighter than the two-door Volkswagen GTI.

It’s also meant for trails and dunes, not highways, so everything that happens is much quicker and much more violent.

That output is sent via a continuously variable transmission, as is fairly standard in its segment, and the RZR Pro R has selectable four-wheel drive. With 32-inch Maxxis Rampage Fury tires all the way through, it’s probably going to get the best possible traction.

The track measures 74 inches wide, which happens to be exactly the same as the 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor. These stats on their own are pretty impressive, but they become even more so when you compare them to the automotive apps we’re used to.

As experienced off-roaders will tell you, the magic is in the suspension, which the RZR Pro R still focuses on. For the first time, the RZR is equipped with a Dynamix DV setting featuring independently adjustable rebound and compression.

It has four settings for different terrain and driving scenarios, and collects data from its sensors 200 times per second, adjusting the shock accordingly. From a hardware perspective, this suspension allows 27 inches of travel at the front and 29 inches at the rear.

The Polaris is also the size of a car, with a wheelbase of 104.5 inches for the standard two-door model. The four-seater Pro R 4 is also available, and has a 133.5-inch wheelbase.

The overall length figures for both specs measure 136.5 and 165.5 inches, respectively, and thanks to those tall tires, it stands at 72.8 inches. That makes it just a hair shorter than the Rubicon Jeep Wrangler.

You can expect to pay at least $31,999 plus destination for the two-seater RZR Pro R—I’ve contacted Polaris to find out exactly how much hits the bottom line.

Plus, the four-seater RZR Pro R 4 is a great price at $35,999 plus destination, and you’ll see both showing up in dealerships in early 2022.

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2022 Polaris RZR Pro R

Just when you thought the UTV market couldn’t get any wilder, Polaris dropped the all-new 2022 RZR Pro R model. This new side-by-side is the most powerful, most powerful, and most technologically advanced Polaris ever produced.

The track width of the UTV is 74 inches, which is the widest Polaris UTV. The wheelbase of the RZR Pro R has also been extended when compared to other RZR Pro models, reaching over 104 inches for the two-seat model and over 133 inches for the four-seater model.

The Polaris RZR Pro R uses 32-inch Maxxis Rampage Fury tires, which are mounted to new five-lug cast aluminum wheels. The impressive stats of the new Polaris RZR Pro R 2022 don’t stop there, so let’s dig in.

The new Polaris RZR Pro R 2022 packs an amazing machine and a first for UTV. Tucked away at the rear is a 2.0L ProStar Fury Polaris four-cylinder engine. This naturally aspirated I-4 produces best-in-class 225 hp and 152 lb-ft of torque.

The redline for this 1997cc engine is a staggering 8,500 rpm. Drawn from the Polaris Slingshot tricycle, the RZR Pro R engine benefits from a lighter crankshaft, unique cam, high compression pistons, lighter flywheel and a lubrication system designed to keep the engine from starving when traversing steep inclines. .

To ensure that all this power can be used in all driving situations, the Polaris RZR Pro R will feature three driving modes that the driver can choose from. These include Sports, Race, and Rock.

As you might expect, the engine will provide instant throttle response and full power when in Race mode and will dampen throttle response when in Rock mode for more control when crawling through rocky roads.

Keeping a compact vehicle with as much power and off-road performance as the new Polaris RZR Pro R is no easy task. To keep everything intact and passengers well protected, Polaris needed to re-engineer the chassis and roll cage.

The RZR Pro R 2022 features a robust one-piece chassis design, along with a new, fully-welded one-piece roll cage. How is this different from other models, you ask? Most UTV chassis and roll cages have a modular design, meaning the parts are simply bolted together. This is not the case with the RZR Pro R.

Also upgraded are a large new steel box front control arm, driveline axle, steering knuckles and an integrated hub. The RZR Pro R also features a new “torque limiter”, which helps protect the front driveshaft from power surges or landing jumps on the throttle (which the rest of us never do, of course).

The larger clutch and drive belt not only deliver faster power to the ground, they are also stronger than before, which means more ride time and less time to change belts.

2022 Polaris RZR Pro R Specs

If you think the new 2.0L engine in the Polaris RZR Pro R 2022 is impressive, wait until you hear about the suspension. Wheel travel has been improved for the new RZR Pro R models to an incredible 27 inches usable at the front and 29 inches at the rear.

2022 Polaris RZR

Wheel travel at the front is 22.25 inches while the rear is 24.5 inches. (Polaris describes travel which can be used as a measurement from the bottom of the tire to the bottom of the slip plate during a full fall, while wheel mileage is the distance the suspension travels from full impact to full fall as measured at the hub.)

The standard shock on the new Polaris RZR Pro R is the Walker Evans speed shock absorber with an adjustable 16-position clicker.

The Walker Evans silencer measures 2.5 inches in diameter at the front and 3.0 inches at the rear. Stepping up to the Ultimate trim features an impressive new Fox LiveValve X2 internal bypass damper.

These shocks, which measure 3.0 inches at all four corners, feature electronically controlled compression and rebound adjustments. This suspension adjustment is governed by the RZR’s onboard Polaris Ride Command Dynamix DV system, which has four preset modes including Comfort, Rock, Track, and Baja.

  • MSRP: From $31,999 to $44,999
  • Engine: ProStar DOHC, liquid cooled, 16V inline four cylinder
  • Displacement: 1,997cc/2.0L
  • Hole x Stroke: N/A
  • Compression ratio: N/A
  • Transmission: Automatic high/low range, reverse PVP; parking
  • Claimed Horsepower: 225 hp
  • Claimed Torque: N/A
  • Fuel system: EFI battery, 12V DC
  • Steering: Rack-mounted high assist electric power steering with Quick Turn Rack; race-inspired steering wheel with tilt adjustment
  • Drive chain: Pro True Performance 2WD/4WD/4WD Lock
  • Front Suspension: Lightweight box dual a-arms with 3-section stabilizing bar, unified hub, Walker Evans 2.5-in. Speed-adjustable needle shock (Sport, Premium) / Fox 3.0 Live Valve X2 internal bypass (Ultimate); 22.25 enter trip
  • Rear Suspension: Box trailing arm with tow link, high clearance radius bar with 3-section stabilizing bar, unified hub, Walker Evans 3.0-in. Speed-adjustable needle shock (Sport, Premium) / Fox 3.0 Live Valve X2 internal bypass (Ultimate); 24.5 inch travel
  • Front brake: Hydraulic disc with 3-bore caliper, aluminum cap with steel rotor
  • Rear Brakes: Hydraulic disc with 2-hole calipers, aluminum cap with steel rotor
  • Wheels, Front/Rear: Painted cast aluminum with 5-lug bolt pattern; 15×7 inches.
  • Tires, Front/Rear: Maxxis Rampage Fury, rated 8 layers; 32×10-15
  • Length: 136.5 inches (2 seats) / 165.5 inches (4 seats)
  • Width: 74.0 inches
  • Height: 72.8 inches (2 seats) / 76.5 inches (4 seats)
  • Wheelbase: 104.5 inches (2 seats) / 133.5 inches (4 seats)
  • Bed Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Towing capacity: N/A
  • Max Seating Capacity: 2 (Pro R) / 4 (Pro R 4)
  • Soil Clearance: 16.0 inch
  • Turning radius: N/A
  • Claimed Dry Weight: Starting at 2,085 lb. up to 2,480 lb.
  • Fuel capacity: 12.3 gal.
  • Guarantee: 6 months limited
  • Availability: Early 2022

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Suspension, Handling

Sport and Premium trims include 16-position Walker Evans adjustable front and rear shock absorbers. The front is a 2.5-inch Velocity series while the rear is upgraded to a 3.0-inch Velocity series body.

All Ultimate trim level vehicles use the upgraded Fox 3.0 Live Valve X2 internal bypass shocks that offer electronically controlled compression and rebound damping from the in-cab Ride Command screen.

The Polaris Dynamix DV selectable driving modes are unique to the RZR Pro R Ultimate vehicle and allow the driver to control how the Fox suspension reacts when navigating certain types of terrain.

Both systems offer an impressive amount of wheel travel and vehicle control over rough and technical terrain. The respectable 22.25-inch front wheel travel works in tandem with the 24.5-inch rear wheel travel regardless of which brand of suspension component you use.

A big, heavy, fast machine requires the ability to control all that momentum. Polaris uses new hydraulic three-piston calipers on the front axle that wrap heavy-duty steel rotors with aluminum caps to help cut a few pounds of rotational weight off.

At the rear, two-piston calipers grip the same rotor arrangement. While Polaris still hasn’t released rotor sizes, we expect them to be larger than the usual fare, especially since they need 15-inch wheels to clean them.

Ergonomics: Comfort and Utility

Color-matched cushioned bucket seats fill the front row of all Pro R trim level vehicles. The driver gets four-way adjustment via front/rear and tilt options. The front passenger seat only offers tilt adjustment.

The race-inspired steering wheel with tilt and telescopic adjustment allows the driver to perform ergonomics.

The Sport trim is equipped with a four-point harness. Premium and Ultimate trims are upgraded to six-point retractable seat belts.

The sport trim uses fully ventilated doors while all other trim steps into half-closed doors. Front opening internal handles are attached to a metal support system which allows for easier entry and exit with race-type seating.

The rear cargo area features a Polaris Lock & Ride attachment point for attaching cargo accessories up to 300 pounds.

2022 Polaris RZR Payload / Towing

While neither RZR is rated or equipped to tow, they can haul some stuff in the rear cargo hold. Both the standard Pro R and Pro R 4 are rated for a 300-pound box capacity.

2022 Polaris RZR

The four-seater chassis increases the overall payload capacity from 740 to 900 pounds. That means if you’re maxing out 300 pounds of rear cargo weight, then you and your friends need to scale to under 600 gross pounds on the four-seater and 440 pounds on the two-seater.

2022 Polaris RZR Electronic

The large, automotive-style alternator generates 1,700 watts of 12 volt DC current which is enormous to power any accessory you attach to the machine.

The vehicle’s electrical system incorporates the Polaris Pulse standard to make accessory cabling easier. A large number of DC ports are spread throughout the interior and exterior of the RZR for connecting tools, equipment and accessories.

The Polaris Pin Activated Security System (PASS) helps prevent theft.

The driver gauge readout consists of a dual-sweeping analog dial and a 4-inch LCD display showing the following selectable reading metrics: user-selectable backlight and blue/red brightness, programmable service intervals, speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip meter, clock, hour meter, gear indicator, fuel gauge, coolant temperature, voltmeter, service indicators and codes, seat belt alert light, gear indicator.

Buy one of the Premium or Ultimate trim levels and you’ll get a gorgeous 7-inch Ride Command display that acts as an infotainment manager for most onboard systems. You’ll also get premium Rockford Fosgate audio. Only the Ultimate trim is equipped with the Dynamix DV Fox suspension bit.

All exterior lighting is handled by an LED unit.

2022 Polaris RZR Powertrain: Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The industry’s first 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine powers the new RZR Pro R 2022 platform. This ProStar DOHC 16-valve high compression engine pumps out industry-leading 225 hp high-octane fuel. It uses a redesigned Polaris Variable Transmission (PVT) to transfer all the power to the tires. Wider and longer belts work in conjunction with a larger clutch surface to help strengthen the overall system.

This power station is sure to attract a lot of buyers looking to flex most of the factory horsepower money can buy in a side-by-side sport.

We want to remind potential buyers that this is a new design which usually means working through the hiccups of the early models.

What Polaris calls the Pro Performance True transfer case allows selectable drive modes to manage traction; 2WD, 4WD, 4WD Lock are all regulated via the dash rocker switch.

2022 Polaris RZR Release Date

At launch, the Polaris RZR Pro R 2022 will be available in four different trim levels: Sport, Premium, Ultimate, and Ultimate Launch Edition. The two-seat Sport model starts at $31,999 (not including shipping) and jumps to $35,999 for the 4-seat RZR Pro R.

Continuing to price trim walks is easy, as Polaris adds $3,000 for each trim. The two-seat RZR Pro R Premium starts at $34,999, and the RZR Pro R Ultimate starts at $37,999. The four-seat version of the RZR Pro R 4 follows a similar trajectory, hitting $41,999 for the Ultimate.

Interested in the Launch Edition, which will set you back $40,999 for the two-seater or $44,999 for the four-seater RZR Pro R? Well, if you haven’t ordered it yet, sadly it’s sold out.

The 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R is available for pre-order now and will be making its way to dealer showrooms in early 2022.

2022 Polaris RZR Price

Polaris has done a decent job of breaking down these trim levels to fit a wide range of budgets. If you can afford the comforts of creatures like Ride Command and Dynamix DV, we highly recommend that you do.

Otherwise, pick up the Sport trim which includes all the basic base systems that make the Pro R what it is; all the performance with less filler.

  • 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R Sport MSRP: $31,999
  • 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R Premium MSRP: $34,999
  • 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R Ultimate MSRP: $37,999
  • 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R Ultimate Launch Edition MSRP: $40,999
  • 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R 4 Sport MSRP: $35,999
  • 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R 4 Premium MSRP: $38,999
  • 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R 4 Ultimate MSRP: $41,999
  • 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R 4 Ultimate Launch Edition MSRP: $44,999