Kawasaki 750 Brute Force Top Speed

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Kawasaki 750 Brute Force Top Speed

Kawasaki 750 Brute Force Top Speed The Kawasaki brute Force 750 4x4i is the ultimate ATV. It is robust, reliable and strong and is also equipped with a comprehensive list of off-road-oriented features that will help you to get out of trouble in any situation. The ATV is powered by a 749 CCM, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 4-valve, V-twin engine, which has a maximum power of 43.4 lb-ft @ 5.250 rpm.

The ATV sits on six spoke cast aluminum wheels, which are wrapped in front at 25 x 8-12 and rear at 25 x 10-12 tires. The speed of the ATV is kept under control by dual-front hydraulic disc brakes with two-piston saddles and Kawasaki’s sealed, Ölgebadeten, multi-disc rear brake system.

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As far as prices are concerned, the Kawasaki brute Force 750 is 4x4i $8,999. Click on the jump for more information on the Kawasaki brute Force 750 4x4i. Powered by a 749cc, 90-grade V-Twin, The Brute Force ® 750 4x4i offers the perfect recipe of amazing torque and impressive power to devour virtually any obstacle that the trail will throw at you. The flagship ATV from Kawasaki shows the most difficult technology in all, from dual-range all-wheel drive to self-repair cooler switch.

These innovations, along with a very maneuverable chassis that offers amazing traction, handling and usefulness, are just some of the reasons why the brute force 750 4x4i the competition. Given the company’s history in the construction and construction of world-class bridges and state-of-the-art ball trains, it is no wonder that this sports program is practically a class in itself.

  • Gasoline injected, 749cc, 90-degree V-twin engine offers great top-end power and low-rpm grunts
  • Six-spoke cast aluminum wheels make a significant styling contribution and offer a premium image
  • Stylish body (hood, bumper, fender and headlight) are key elements of the wide and robust design of the brute force 750
  • Sturdy cargo shelves feature integrated tie hook loops for maximum comfort
  • Instrumentation is easy to read at a Glance and features a multi-purpose digital display with speedometer, odometer, dual-trip meter, fuel meter, motor temp, clock, hour meter and 2WD/4WD icon as well as indicator lamps for neutral, Reverse, belt and oil pressure
  • Strong double-weighing frame has reinforcement at critical points for maximum ride comfort and the ability to absorb vibrations when sports are driving on rough terrain

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Powerful fuel injected 749CC, 90-grade V-twin engine:

  • High compression cylinder heads ensure a strong low speed torque for maximum performance when immediate acceleration is required
  • Stainless steel exhaust pipes have coordinated lengths and flow holes in the muffler to minimize the restriction
  • Rubber muffler mounts help to minimise load on the exhaust system
  • Aluminium cylinders are Elektrofusions coated for light weight, long wear and excellent heat dispersion
  • 33.5-amp generator provides enough power to provide sufficient power to operate the electrical system and accessories.
  • Large radiator is placed high in the chassis to ensure optimum protection against mud and dirt
  • Radiator fan and large diameter cooling hoses and tubes help to maximize cooling performance
  • A self reparierungsschalter and a special fuse for the fan help keep things cool when going hard
  • Dual 36mm throttle valves are controlled by a 32-bit CPU, which monitors coolant temperature, air inlet temperature, throttle position, air inlet pressure, vehicle speed and crankshaft angle to ensure the perfect air/Kraftstoffgemisch in all To ensure high altitudes.
  • Light spring rate for throttle spring and ball bearing-equipped throttle flaps minimize friction and increase throttle effect
  • Motor can be started in any gear when a brake is applied
  • Air for the CVT and motor from a backward-facing snorkel below the handlebar to protect against water and mud while maintaining additional cooling.
  • Easy access to the air filter requires removal of a cover

Kawasaki 750 Brute Force Top Speed

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CVT and Powertrain

  • Fully automatic Kawasaki automatic Power Drive System (CAPES) stepless variable transmission (CVT) has high and low forward gearbox plus reverse
  • CVT Konvertergewicht and drive Spring tuning offers responsive acceleration properties and optimal control in low-speed operation
  • CVT channel layout and placement is very effective to prevent the penetration of water and mud
  • Limited front differential reduces steering effort under normal all-wheel drive, while the variable front differential control allows the driver to distribute the torque evenly on front wheels to ensure maximum traction
  • The selectable two-or four-wheel drive is controlled by pressing a button on the handlebar
  • Cardan drive shaft joints absorb torque fluctuations and reduce vibrations
  • Plastic front and Hinterachsstiefel offer protection against debris