2019 Textron Havoc X Review

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2019 Textron Havoc X Review

2019 Textron Havoc X Review If it is not enough news to receive the Arctic Cat’s Texton, it is entering terrorism in 2018 with the launch of Havoc X, the giant of industrial, military and commercial vehicles. seems to be oriented towards the TH and Polaris general. We’ve put these two machines side by side, so you can see for yourself whether any of the features meet the requirements of your next entertainment UTV.

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Textron Off Road had announced last year the HAVOC X, but there was something missing for those with a smaller budget. The loss option offered by Textron for 2019 off-road enthusiasts is now the starting point for HAVOC (or the basic model if you wish). This Texton Off Road HAVOC takes you to the ground floor with a machine full of convincing features. It is so convincing that the 100 HP double-cylinder engine found in other HAVOC models. The powerful 67-meter torque is exciting enough to cause damage to the path, not the wallet.

The suspension in the new main line, the HAVOC, is not too bad, because the gas-powered adjustable dampers soften the hard impacts on the road. The chassis is equipped with the independent double-arm suspension at both ends, which in general provides a stationary conveying machine. The included stabilizer bars also help stabilize the chassis rolling and contribute to the stability of HAVOC. and allowing it to be dirty, allowing this permission to brush your belly 13 inches from the ground.

Chaos may be a sweet-looking way, but may also function as a mule when called. This HAVOC base draws an impressive 2,000 pounds and carries the cargo to the unloading bed with a franchise weighing 600 pounds. It is negligible not to mention the valuable internal storage capacity. Dry storage space is equal to a maximum of 24 feet of the cube, including an industry first: the vehicle behind the driver and the passenger seat. This will make it easier to carry these refrigerators or other important trace elements that must be in place out of reach of the arm. If you decide to add a roof to the machine, did we mention that it would be covered? Textron Off Road, you and your family in the wild woods, traces forever to capture what to do exactly to find out what to do.

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2019 Textron Havoc X Review

  • Recommended by: $ 16,299
  • 100 hp double cylinder mill
  • Standard Full Doors
  • High-strength special cut and sewn seats
  • 24 cubic meter storage
  • Extended Cabin for Gear
  • Independent front and rear suspension
  • AWD On Demand
  • Customizable Speed controller
  • 2,000 lb. Towing capacity