2021 CAN AM Outlander 450: New Outlander 450 Perfect Blend of Efficiency, Performance, and Price

2021 CAN-AM Outlander 450: New Outlander 450 Perfect Blend of Efficiency, Performance, and Price

2021 CAN-AM Outlander 450 Can-Am is known as the luxury manufacturer in the world of Powersports, be it by boat, snowmobile, or off-road vehicle. While it is true that they do offer some high-end models with all the attractive features, their price is quite up to every other manufacturer, sometimes less, sometimes a little less.

In the last two years, Can-Am has broadened its horizons by offering a new, extremely budget-friendly model with many of the same high-end features. The affordable Spark Ship was the first example and expanded its customer base with a sporty and attractive model, and now the L ATV line is set to do the same. We recently had the opportunity to try out one of the new L models, the Outlander L 450, and we were very excited to see what this mid-sized machine can do.

Like most other ATV owners, we use our machines for towing trailers or lawn tools, hauling some firewood, and for a variety of tasks around the yard or farm, at least for a week. When the weekend comes and we can go, you can bet we load trailers for a few days of travel.

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The path we walked on had a bit for each type of terrain. There are deep forests, soft mud swamps, rocks and mines to explore, and lots of sand. In short, it could be an excellent testing weekend. Before we hit the trail with a new machine, we always provide a thorough check to check its features. The Outlander L 450 doesn’t disappoint.

We are very pleased to know Can-Am gave their G2 dual-rail chassis L model. The G2’s chassis is stronger, has less flexibility, and feels a lot more precise. This is a nice design and we love seeing it for such an affordable machine price! At the rear, the suspension is provided by the Can-Am TTi trailing arm suspension, which gets more wheel travel with minimal geometry changes, while at the front.

Dual A-arms and Can-Am anti-dive technology deliver consistent handling even when the front is experiencing compression due to braking or impact. Five-way preload-adjustable shocks are found at all angles, controlling nine inches of travel up front and 8.8 inches behind.

Powering the new Outlander L 450 is a single-cylinder, 38 horsepower, Rotax 450 four-stroke engine, liquid-cooled, electronic fuel injection fuel-injected. The claimed output is 38hp and while it’s one of the smaller engines in the Can-Am fleet – smaller than a single-cylinder on some models – don’t underestimate its capabilities.

The engine is paired with a CVT Can-Am (Continuously Variable Transmission) which even provides engine braking when descending steep hills. Their half-century snowmobile experience gave them a lot of knowledge on how to get a CVT to work, and once again they got this part right.

One thing Can-Am has been working on in recent years is airflow, both to the airbox and CVT and around the engine. The CVT air intake is raised much higher in the chassis, allowing us to traverse mid-chassis depth water without fear of the belt slipping. The airbox design is now a pretty thing too, and without tools, the air filter can be removed for inspection in about 30 seconds.

It is so easy and there is no excuse for neglecting such a simple task. The air filter contains a pleated filter element enclosed in a foam outer layer. Even in the driest of conditions, it manages to keep our intake clean. The oil check was also very important, and a dipstick was found on the right side of the engine. So far so good! It’s time for a ride.

First things first, we like the silver / gray color of the Outlander L 450. We’re not sure why this color hasn’t been used before, but it looks good and the cast aluminum, centerless wheels provide a nice accent. The saddle feels very comfortable, not too big or too small, and everything is easy to reach. All switches are in their usual position with the lock in front of your knee on the left, and the derailleur on the right.

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Right in front of the handlebars is a very good digital display and you can browse through its features with a button. About the only feature that we don’t care about is the position of the brake lever. It is turned too high above the bar so that we loosen the screw and turn it to a more comfortable and natural position. Rather than composite shelves, Can-Am went to the old school and used sturdy, steel racks with a durable powder-coat finish.

It doesn’t matter to us. The shelf has many fastening options, and in the center of the rear shelf is a nice-sized closed storage compartment. We love it so much! As expected, the shelves are also ready to accept Lin-Q Can-Am accessories. We slide the dial to green, watch the display light up, and turn the key. A few turns later, the engine starts, and we are on our way.

Throughout the weekend, various riders spent over the L 450, and a lot of universal praise. The top things that all riders love are:

  • It’s comfortable on my tushy. Those were the words of a female rider and everyone agreed.
  • The power steering works very well and makes traveling throughout the day easy. (The medium setting was found to be most preferred.)
  • The suspension is made for a smooth ride.
  • Power is very good and is on par with many larger capacity engines.
  • Splash protection is excellent and floorboards flow well.
  • The brakes are excellent and do an excellent job of maintaining control, even on steep and rocky roads.
  • The taste is natural, not too big, not too small.
  • The silver / gray color is very sharp and shows no impurities unless completely exposed to the mud.

Going up the easy trail is one thing, but we wanted to use the new Outlander L 450 to see how it will handle extreme terrain, and we know exactly where it is. A large mine gave us lots of caves, rocky climbs and descents, huge obstacles to cross, and lots of water to cross. This will be a challenge for the Outlander and the racer.

When climbing over rocks and climbing or descending steep hills we started to appreciate the stability of the L 450. The L 450 always felt stable and balanced, even when the rear end was much higher than the front on a steep slope.

The tires also perform well on rocks and are resistant to cutting, but in the sand, we needed to use the 4wd Visco-Lok for better response. The open tread pattern clears well in mud or snow and provides a smooth ride, but when riding on lots of sand you should leave it within 4wd.

The water crossing is always fun and the Outlander L 450 has no problem diving to swim. We spent a lot of time crossing the pool onto and off the floorboards and never managed to get the belt wet thanks to the CVT air intake mounted high on the chassis. We love the way planks deliver water quickly, but they have one other great feature too.

The Can-Am offers sturdy, flawless footpegs that are formed into floorboards. This doesn’t happen to all manufacturers, but Can-Am got this one right. This allows your feet to rotate as needed and still keeps you firmly attached to the machine.

Wherever we take it, the L 450’s chassis and engine work like a champion. It has enough power to conquer whatever we ask for, and the CVT responds well to throttle input, and during gear shifting.

At times the switch from forward to backward can be a little curvy, but overall we are very happy with the Outlander L 450’s performance. We have very little to change.

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The hitch is one of man’s most useful and earliest tools for applying force to weights. It’s one of those things that’s hard to fix. The Can-Am didn’t do it, and the snag to the G2 chassis has undoubtedly brought back the evolution of countless centuries of innovation. Here’s why:

  • Made of a single piece formed with the ears folded on each side as a gusset.
  • The gusset effectively blocks each side of the attachment hole.
  • Most rear pulls employ a clevis force hitch. You cannot turn by attaching a clevis style hitch because the d * & $ ears/gussets limit the rotation of the clevis.

About the only way to use the hitch on the Outlander L is as a tie-down point, or as a mount for the ball hitch. This is also questionable, as most ball hitches carry a higher load than clevis hitches, and you don’t want to overload the back of your ATV.

It will only cause bad things to happen. The best options for an Outlander hitch are to throw them out entirely, throw them in a metal trash can, or use them as artificial reefs in your aquarium.

It wouldn’t be a Can-Am without an option pack and the new L-Class Outlanders has a DPS package available with the following features:

  • Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering
  • Visco-Lok QE front differential
  • Magneto 500-W for even more accessory power
  • 12-inch cast-aluminum wheels with a centerless design
  • Available colors: Can-Am Yellow, Light Gray with Can-Am Red or Camo stickers

If you often like to ride with your closest people or friends, there is even a MAX version of the Outlander L, and the seats can be removed when driving alone. You can’t go wrong after all.

2021 CAN AM Outlander 450 Price

Starting at $ 6,299 MSRP for package entry, transportation and setup costs may vary by choice.

  • MODEL TYPE Utility
  • BASE MSRP (US) $ 6,199
  • TYPE OF MACHINE Single Cylinder
  • TRANSFER (CC / CI) 427/26
  • TYPES OF CARBURETY Fuel Injected
  • TYPES OF TRANSMISSION Continuous Variable (CVT)
  • FRONT TIRE (FULL SPECIFICATION) Carlisle Trailwolf 25 X 8-12
  • REAR TIRE (SPECIAL SPEC) Carlisle Trailwolf 25 X 10-12
  • FRONT BRAKE TYPE Dual Hydraulic Disc
  • REAR BRAKE TYPE Hydraulic disc
  • WHEELBASE (IN / MM) 51/1295
  • DRY WEIGHT (LBS / KG) 678/308
  • FUEL CAPACITY (GAL / L) 5.4 / 20.5

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